It must be tough being an Arsenal fan…….

What a fantastic start to the Premier League unless you support Manchester United, or seriously harboured dreams of Sam Allardyce getting West Ham playing to win with style or the QPR ‘dream team’ working. It’s clear from day one that overall quality is better than even a year ago. With defeated Crystal Palace, Southampton and Newcastle all gallant losers pushing superior opponents to the wire and Swansea winning for the first time at the Theatre of Nightmares. 

The dust having settled from re-opening Arsenal’s trophy cabinet after so many years and the Charity Shield in it’s latest Baco-foil format, securely locked up, Arsenal fans are suffering the kind of delusions of grandeur that would do no shame to well, Brendan Rodgers for example. All of a sudden and with Sanchez up front, yet to adopt the fans preferred ‘out until 3am before the game’ Giroud hairstyle, the nouveau Arsenal fan is gripped with excitement. Well at least for 5 or 10 minutes, by which time if their beloved Gunners are not at least 2 nil up, despond sets in and they become morose and moody, muttering in to their half-time champagne bovril. Watching the game against Palace on Saturday was almost comic. Arsenal fans seem to believe that they have a divine right to win, have the best stadium (we paid for it ourselves you know), that they are the only team to play the ‘right way’, the only club ‘properly’ run and are in possession of absolutely no sense of humility whatsoever. Praise them at your fullest, but don’t criticise or you will be subjected to pitiless scorn and condescension. Not many remember one nil to the Arsenal or are knowledgable enough to know that their first legendary manager Herbert Chapman, confessed to sacrificing style for expediency in winning 3 league titles.

Never mind, at least they have won the Charity Shield and we know what happened to last years winners don’t we…….


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